Meet The Candid Camper Photobooth!


So sometimes I come up with a crazy idea and my husband tells me its exactly that, crazy. But when I told him I wanted to buy a small camping trailer and use it for a cool Photo Booth, he actually agreed with me. He even went along with me to pick it up 3.5 hours away, in a snowstorm. That man’s a saint I tell ya. haha

The plan is to completely gut it, and turn it into the coolest, most unique Photo Booth around this area! It will be the perfect addition to your reception and cocktail hour, and keep your guests entertained while you’re getting your photos taken. Plus, all of our Photo Booth packages come with a printed guest book for the wedding couple, as well as a digital slideshow, so you won’t miss any of the fun.

The Photo Booth can be fully customized to your wedding theme from backdrops to props, and we’ll make sure there is an attendant on site to help anyone should they need assistance. And the great thing about our booth is that we can also rent just the photobooth itself, just in case your venue doesn’t allow a trailer on site, so you can still take full advantage of all the fun!

Over the next few months I’ll be sharing some photos of our build progress, so make sure to follow along. And we’ll be offering some pretty awesome deals to the first few people who want to book The Candid Camper, so be sure to inquire today!

I’ve included some before photos to show you where we started, and some inspo photos to show you were we’re headed. Don’t worry, she won’t be ugly forever. lol

Visit to inquire about The Candid Camper Photobooth today!

Follow along with our reno journey at  We’ll be posting updates and reno progress there on a regular basis, as well as any upcoming booking specials!

Pinterest inspo photo to show what we want the camper to look like when it’s done.


This is what she looked like when we picked her up. She’s not pretty.


The inside of the camper pre renovations. I told you she wasn’t pretty.


Insulation has gone in, the floor is done, and we’re started building the benches!


The live edge benches are going in! They still need to be stained and sealed, but I was too excited to see what they’d look like!


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